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About Zlatica

For years I have been on a spiritual path, trying to discover the true meaning and purpose of life, searching in thirst for knowledge.

I would not be able to say that I have practiced a specific spiritual doctrine or a specific philosophy; rather, I have practiced everything I thought was appropriate to my nature. Astrology and Reiki are two paths which through the years I have come to identify with. Their immense power of self-cultivation and non-dogmatic qualities made them a natural complement to my spiritual sensibilities.

I have practised astrology for nineteen years and currently write astrology column for the newspaper Novine Toronto, and in the past have written one for Vancouver’s AutoNerve magazine and Belgrade’s Dama ("Lady") magazine.

My interest in energy healing has been with me for many years. In 2008 I studied Usui Reiki, a westernized style of the Reiki system with Barb Weston of Inner Focus who is also Vice President of Canadian Reiki Association. I am fully certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher and a registered Reiki practitioner with Canadian Reiki Association.

In March 2009 I was trained in and initiated into Usui Reiki Ryoho, a style of Reiki that is firmly rooted in its Japanese heritage. Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher Shinpiden Level III I obtained from Frans Stiene, a co-founder of the International House of Reiki and a renowned author.

I am very grateful to both of my teachers for having transmitted to me a wealth of lineal knowledge originating with Mikao Usui, the Founder of Reiki Healing System. (For a full view of my lineage please click here.)

I greatly enjoy my work with people, and find it exciting and rewarding. It is my privilege to be of service to my clients, and to share my positive energy, knowledge and optimism to their benefit.



"Dear Zlatica, Thank you for extremely illuminating phone session. You are amazingly perceptive. The fearless,"
- Mary Ann

"Dear Zlatica, Thank you very much for your perceptive insight today. So much food for thought. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your gifts with me. Not always easy to hear, but you get right to the heart of the matter. Lots of observations to help sort things out and hopefully bring light to the foggy confusion. Warmest best wishes,"
- Susan

"Dear Zlatica, Thank you so much for an extraordinary astrological reading. It has given me so much positive energy and hope. As you have predicted earlier, I fell in love, got engaged and we already purchased a house. The wedding will be next spring. Everything is great and I am very enthusiastic now. I know I can do better. My fiancé is Aquarius and we are getting along very well. I would like you to make a compatibility-horoscope for us. I will call you soon to make an appointment. Best,"
- Sylvia

"Zlatica Hrnic is a very professional and knowledgeable astrologer; she possesses very good intuition, counselling as well as listening skills. Sessions with her definitely make a positive influence on my life. Her services in astrological counselling are very valuable for me and I'm planning to remain her client for as long as necessary."
- Maya

"Dear Zlata, Thank you kindly for you services that I have received since last fall. Your high degree of professionalism and warm, approachable manner were of great surprise and pleasure to me. Should you have an agency, please do not hesitate to contact me as I would consider becoming a member. Best regards."
- Anna

"Ms. Zlatica Hrnic has been widely recognized among her clients as a trustworthy person of the highest professional and personal integrity. Her comprehensive knowledge in the field of astrology as well as her wise judgment qualify her not only to provide her clients with the extensive information regarding their astrological charts and aspect, but to give them some enlightening advices as well.

My wife and I, being married couple, have greatly benefited from Zlatica's astrological reading. We have had our marital relationship badly shaken. We sought help from various counsellors and advisers with no real effect. Eventually, we were lucky to meet Zlatica. Her astrological interpretations helped us immensely to understand the roots of our marital problems. Besides that, her well balanced and sensible advice based on her analysis of our astrological charts gave us reliable directions that eventually lead us towards resolving our family issues.

Her personality harmoniously combines the features of in-depth knowledge of astrology, profound intuition, and spiritual and human integrity. In addition, she demonstrates the thoughtful understanding of human psyche and subtle sensitivity for her client's problems."
- Alex

"Since the very first time I met Ms. Zlatica Hrnic I was truly impressed by her professional attitude and dedication to the field of astrology. Ms. Hrnic took time to answer all my questions with precision and enthusiasm common only to those who love the work they have chosen. I trusted her kind advice when making some very important life decisions. Her wisdom and guidance helped me navigate through the challenges many young Eastern Europeans, new Canadian citizens, face; beyond that, she helped resolve some personal dilemmas which might have otherwise become obstacles in my social and academic life."
- Selma

"Being optimistic every day in every way, and "Go for it" attitude is Zlatica's approach to life. This positive attitude and Zlatica's enthusiasm becomes infectious to catch to it for all her friends, and clients she had during her astrology career. She is able to motivate and inspire the best in people. Zlatica is very caring, always willing to help, and with her vibrant and energizing personality makes you feel stronger. She helped me in resolving my relationship problem."
- Melissa

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